Vineet ‘the Trouba-who’ Kaul: A 21st Century Collaboration Project

The Vineet ‘the Troubadour’ Kaul Duo is a collaboration project. Two Indian blokes who together write poetry, travelogues, prose and compose music. They are art enthusiasts who came together in 2010 in a last ditch effort to merge their influences since they’ve been told it is 21st century chic to do so. Their poem ‘Parapraxis’ is nominated for the 2011 Best of the Net Poetry Prize and another ‘9 Reasons why Love is Existential’ is a finalist for the Best Short Writing in the World (2011). However, they are rather disappointed to find out that it did nothing to improve their ranking in the Indian arranged-marriage-market.While Vineet Kaul rents out his vocabulary and cynicism to his partner-in-rhyme, the Troubadour brings his imagination and psychedelia to the table. Neither of them, however, is bringing any bread to the table.

Maybe that is what happens when you collaborate with your alter-ego.

Breathless repose layered between mindfulness and madness, the two poets strive to ink on papyrus a journey that doesn’t dote on the conclusion of a destination but instead attempts to transcend the reader into the psychedelia where the indigo disintegrates into a burst of colours that allow you to regard the mundane through a deviant narrative with their sense of baffled bewilderment. Sometimes urging you to ask ‘Why?’ and sometimes a contrary ‘Why not?’

the Troubadour (top) and Vineet Kaul (below)

“Droning in the aesthetic purgatory between consciousness and seizure, the Troubadour walks the thin line between what could be as much of a Blah-Blah experience as it could be construed an Ah-hah moment. His visions are single-minded soliloquies of a triumph, usually about or over nothing.”  Vineet Kaul on the Troubadour

“Always scavenging for the granular visions trapped between volition and void, Vineet is a hedonist. Vineet is persnickety. His writing is subconscious, rhapsody is spasms triggered by his own jocularity in verbal fixations that sometimes surprise him with their epiphanic pulchritude.” – The Troubadour on Vineet Kaul

” What I love about poetry is how it can turn some dog eared moment of one man’s life into a page turner for another.” Vineet Kaul on Poetry

“Poetry is a spade. A spade that calls all other spades spades. The digging never stops, new truths cannot be born until the old ones are buried. The digging never stops. Old truths cannot die until new ones are unearthed.” The Troubadour on Poetry

“What the… who let these clowns in? ” – Poetry on Vineet and the Troubadour

Poetic idiosyncrasies  (the progeny) of this union of mindfulness meets madness can be read in magazines like Short, Fast & Deadly, Cha: An Asian Literary Magazine, The Asia Writes Project, Nether Magazine, Loch Raven Review, Quantum Poetry Magazine, Indigo Rising Magazine, Cafe del Soul, Subliminal Interiors, Fleeting Magazine, Calliope Nerve, Reading Hour, Redactions: Poetry and Poetics, The Toucan, Full of Crow, Micro Poetry Anthology, The Scarlet Sound, Midwest Literary’s “Bearing North” Anthology, ‘the brown critique’ and a handful others.

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Geuinely Yours,
  1. maitreyi says:

    you have a way with words. …. always admired and envied people who did :/ … but seriously great work …
    especially liked the “which hopefully they’ll never identify or find so that they can travel all their life” — the unrest within is too addictive..

    • thetspeak says:

      Thanks. We artists have a way of surprising each other isn’t it? I was as much in awe when I saw some pics of your paintings. This, however, isn’t a mutual admiration society (at least not with an ulterior motive)

    • ashwin says:

      🙂 same here. liked that “identification” part. No medications for this disease 😛

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